Getting Married at 1,000 feet: Joyce and Sam

March 29th, 2014 | Engagements, Weddings


I’ve always believe that meeting the perfect soulmate is not an easy task. You have to be at the right place and at the right time. But as God intervenes, Joyce and Sam crossed paths in a Christian camp. They kept in touch through Friendster (Yes, Facebook was not popular yet at that time hehe) and the rest is history.



Sam proposed to Joyce in yet another camp that they volunteered in year 2012. It was certainly a big surprise for Joyce as she was not expecting it and it was right in front of the campers!



Joyce and Sam chose the KL Tower to say their wedding vows. It is not always that we came across a wedding venue which is of more than 1,000 feet! I bet the view was fantastic!



It was definitely an intimate wedding for the both of them. With their closest family and friends in attendance and Sam’s childhood Pastor to officiate their wedding.


Love is indeed in the air!

Conquering the Distance : Eva and Kenneth

March 15th, 2014 | Engagements, Weddings

Eva and Kenneth first crossed paths in the church during music practice. Little did they know that their life is going to change forever.


“We understand each other very well at every level and have the same frequency – some call it soul mates” -Kenneth Boey

Eva and Kenneth’s love story is a classic long distance relationship. With Kenneth working and residing in Sarawak and Eva all across the Timor Sea in Australia. But despite the distance, ironically, it brings this two lovebirds even closer together.

Kenneth proposed to Eva with a video he made all by himself accompanied by a Bruno Mars song as background music. It tells the story of how Kenneth would leave his homeland and follow wherever she goes – to the ends of the Earth. It does reminds us of the Lord of the Rings though hehehe. He delivered the video and proposal ring to Eva while flying to Australia for a holiday and proposed to her at 4am! It was a little early for a proposal but nevertheless Eva said “YES!”





The wedding was held at the beautiful beach at Pulau Langkawi. Eva and Kenneth specifically wanted a romantic beach party. It was a little modern for their respective families but they still enjoyed it!






Eva had tried more than a dozen of dresses before finally spotting the perfect dress from Pretty in White. We must say that Eva has really great taste! The lace, the simplicity of the dress just screams elegance but at the same time, it does reflects Eva as a person. Brides to be, please take note; Don’t look for a dress that is too trendy or fashionable but instead look for something that screams YOU!



We are honoured to have photographed Eva and Kenneth’s wedding and to witness their love for each other. You do not need to know them personally to see the chemistry that they have.

Congratulations on finding your soulmate, Eva and Kenneth!


First Impression: Profoto B1

November 12th, 2013 | Engagements, Photography Tips

When Profoto released the brand new B1, touting it as the Swedish company’s first “off-camera TTL flash”, it generated so much excitement that its website went down for a few hours. It’s not hard to see why. Profoto making a TTL flash? A premium strobe maker giving Nikon, Canon and a host of TTL flash manufacturers a run for their money?

Then came a variety of feedbacks. Some think it is the best thing since sliced bread, other bemoans B1’s size, bulk and price tag. So does Profoto B1 deserves all the hoopla?

Profoto held the B1 launch in Kuala Lumpur last Wednesday. The South East Asia area manager, Flora Chen, was kind enough to loan it to me for a shoot the next day. Here is my first impression of the flash.

I have over 5 years of experience working with multiple small flashes off-camera. In the studio, I work with Profoto D1s and a couple of Elinchrom monolights. I am comfortable working in TTL and manual modes. Profoto only has the Canon TTL triggers which does not work on Nikon cameras. I shot entirely in manual mode, triggering and controlling B1 with the Profoto Air Remote. So I can’t report on B1’s TTL capabilities until the Nikon trigger is released next year.

First of all, Profoto B1 identical to the Profoto D1. If you use the D1, then you will be right at home with the B1, which is swankier and cooler with a futuristic looking LCD screen.

Then I experienced the consistency of the power output and colour temperature that small flashes often struggle to deliver. I would take 30 frames in a scene and judging from my laptop screen Profoto B1 delivered the same exposure and colour temperature for each frame.

Profoto B1

Profoto B1

I also love the recycling speed of Profoto B1. The flash is ready before I go for the next frame. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this. Even without checking the spec sheets, I notice B1 recycles a tad faster than the D1. It is advertised B1 can do 20 frames/sec. I haven’t found the use for that feature yet. I also own the Elinchrom Quadra for 3 years; Profoto B1 is light years ahead of the Quadra in recycle speed, consistency of output and colour temperature, and build quality.

Slow recycling time had cost me many great moments. You saw a sparkle in the eyes of the subject in front of you, and you squeezed the shutter release. You were ready, the subject was ready, but alas the flash wasn’t. Nothing more frustrating than having a massively underexposed frame of great expression and moment. I had been there many times with various battery powered strobes. These disappointing experiences ended with B1 in my bag. I never had a battery powered strobe that’s so fast and consistent. Was told Profoto Pro 8a, B4, B3 deliver such speed, quality and consistencies too, yet with price tags starting at U$6000 a unit, they are priced beyond my budget.

Profoto B1

After being convinced of B1’s consistency and speed, I decided to push it to the limits. Set it to full power (500ws), so I could battle noon day sun at f11, ISO100. It chimed along effortlessly with a slightly slower recycling time. As the battery level drains to 66% and then 33%, B1 continues to recycle at the same speed it did when the battery was fully charged. This is in stark contrast to the Elinchrom Quadra which recycles slower when the battery level dips below 50%. What a welcome change. Again, the power output and colour temperature was consistent throughout the 100 odd frames I shot at full power.

Profoto B1

Profoto B1

After three hours of shooting (with about 100 pops at full power), B1’s LCD screen indicated it has 1/3 of power left. Profoto’s claim that B1 can power 220 pops at full power seems to be spot on. The battery was the size of my palm and it requires NO CABLES. When I used Profoto D1 on location, I also brought with me two drums of power cables. What a delight that B1 operates “cable-less”.

Profoto B1

For this shoot, I worked the B1 bare and with a shoot through umbrella. I can imagine the potential of combining 2-3 units of B1 with an array Profoto light modifiers, and my existing collection of small speedlights to a location shoot.

Do I have any complaints? When working with small flash units and the Elinchrom Quadra, I usually get my assistant to hoist them on a Shureline paint pole. However hoisting the 3kg Profoto B1 strobe requires some serious muscles. It’s doable but I won’t recommend doing it for the whole day. A couple of Manfrotto 1004BAC stand should solve the problem. It’s a small trade off to change my work habits to gain power, speed and consistency of B1.

During the shoot, I also ran into intermittent wireless transmission issue. When the trigger was separated from the B1 unit by some walls, the flash had several misfires. It wasn’t clear what caused this. I was working with a beta unit of B1, so amount of kinks is to be expected. I shot about 700 frames, this issue showed up in about 20 frames.

Profoto B1

Profoto B1

Does Profoto B1 deserves all the hoopla and hype? It depends on our starting points and expectations. I’ve already invested into the Elinchrom Quadra which cost U$1800 4 years ago, Profoto D1 monolights which cost about the same, and half a dozen of small speedlights. So from my standpoint, the Profoto B1 is a no brainer and a dream solution for my location lighting and a great addition to the D1s in our studio. Short flash duration, battery powered, 500ws, modeling light, fast recycling time, consistent power output and colour temperature…what’s not to like? To be able to use Profoto light modifiers in studio and on location with the B1s just add more value to my investment.

When Profoto advertises the B1 as a “TTL off-camera flash” I can understand why many expected a juiced up SB910 or EX580. Weighing at 3kg, it’s equivalent to the weight of 6 speedlights; priced at U$1999 a pop, almost the price of 3 units of SB910 speedlights. It can be discouraging and shocking to many small flash users’ biceps and wallets. Yet it can deliver the the power, consistency, flash duration and recycling speed that 3 speedlights can’t.

There are cheaper lights and higher quality alternatives out there. Yet I cannot think of anyone else who can put so much power, consistency in colour temperature, short flash duration, quick recycling time in such a compact package for under U$2000.

Special thanks to Michael Heng for assisting me in this shoot.

Like Father, Like Son

June 11th, 2013 | Portraits

Like Father, like son. Father and son portraits.
Father’s Day is just around the corner. With all the hoopla Mother’s Day get, it won’t be fair to neglect the fathers. So for the month of June we want to put fathers in the spotlight, literally. We are running our very first “Like Father, Like Son” contest and here’s how it works:

1. Send us a photo of you and your dad
2. Tell us the most treasured memory you had with him in at least 50 words.
3. The best photo and story combinations win a portrait session worth RM800 which includes a portrait session worth RM300 and a 10″x10″ framed photo worth RM500.
4. There will be 6 winners: 3 selected by our studio, 3 to be voted in by our Facebook fans.

Please send your entries to info(at)louispang(dot)com or via our FB page. Can’t wait to read all about it! Oh yea, deadline is 29 June 2013, 12pm Malaysia time.

First Impression Last

May 9th, 2013 | Portraits

I have a lot of professionals, young and old, telling me they want a great picture that portray them as a professional. “But where do we go? Who can help us?” they ask. If I am listening correctly, it is a loaded question. It doesn’t feel quite for a director, VP or CEO to walk into a bridal studio for their professional headshot. Imagine walking pass rows and rows of white gowns and taking photos in a studio that’s purposed built for twenty-something love birds. The only other alternative is go somewhere where passports photos are taken. But have you seen how they are done these days?

Professionals don’t want a run-of-the-mill solution. The traditional options may not be the best fit to the needs of the professionals. They want to be served in a dignify and professional manner, and walking away with photographs that present them professionally. Photographing twenty-somethings and photographing corporate require vastly different approaches and people skills. Contemporary professionals do not want to be seen as arrogant, stuffy and boring. They crave the image of confident–not cocky–and approachable leader. I’ve been mauling for a solution and I think I might have found one.

I have been photographing headshots for a couple of months now. As the name suggest, a headshot is a picture of your face usually cropping off at the shoulders. A headshot focuses on you and your personality, not your body, outfits, timepieces, jewelries.

My rule for professional headshot is simple:

#1 No Double Chin
#2 Portray confidence
#3 Portray friendliness

“One chin per person” has always been our motto. I cringed seeing many of the photos used during the campaign of the General Election. The lighting was flat, the posing stiff, the expression tentative, and double & triple chins were for all to see. Is this the best way to present everyone?

I admit photographing people is very challenging. My subjects are fine when we chat, yet the moment I lift up my camera, they froze like deers staring at the headlights of an oncoming freight truck! They start to talking to themselves, “Am I looking stupid? Will my double chin show? Will he lose his patience like the other photographer did? Oh I hope my crooked teeth does not show.” Notice how badly we judge and beat up ourselves when we stand in front of a camera? Can we understand how much letting go of control to a stranger freaks people out?

So my job as a photographer is more than merely posing people, getting the lighting correct, but more importantly helping my subjects to forget they are in a shoot and coaxing them to consciously and unconsciously cede control so I can take great care of them and create amazing pictures for them. It is a complex and challenging job, one that I enjoy immensely and very good at.

Tomorrow, I am photographing professional headshots for FREE at PIHex. Anyone can walk into our photography set and get a free shot. I will spend 10-15 minutes with each person so you can experience what is like to be photographed professionally. Most of you do not have a better picture than the one I will create for you tomorrow, I am confident. Most importantly, you will walk away with spring in your feet and a kick ass photo for your FB page.

See you tomorrow:
9 May
PIHex, Sabah Trade Center (Likas)

Pls wear office/formal attire


Louis Pang, Headshots, Kota KInabalu, Portrait, Studio,

Louis Pang, Headshots, Kota KInabalu, Portrait, Studio,

Louis Pang, Headshots, Kota KInabalu, Portrait, Studio,

Louis Pang, Headshots, Kota KInabalu, Portrait, Studio,

Louis Pang, Headshots, Kota KInabalu, Portrait, Studio,