Bye bye boring portraits

May 7th, 2012 | Portraits

When I was a kid, my parents brought the whole family to a photo studio in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I remember walking into an under lit room with old drapes and old fashion furniture. The elderly photographer told me where to stand and then came over to tilt my head as if I was a mannequin. He had a light meter which he walked to around us and pressed repeatedly. “Don’t move little boy,” he commanded behind his camera and tripod. He was like an omnipresence being, you couldn’t see him but you could hear his voice. Better do what he says man! Strobes flashed a few rounds and we were done. Looking at it today, it was a perfectly lit picture with perfect posing and perfect plastic smiles. However, you won’t feel we were a genuinely happy bunch.

I can understand why a lot of folks feel visiting their dentists is more fun than heading to a photo studio. Nobody wants an unpleasant, impersonal and mechanical experience. This is NOT how we take photos in Louis Pang Studio.

Jessie, Joane, Rachel, family photos, portraits with mother

Jessie, Joanne & Rachel came by our studio several weeks ago. “We want some pictures with Mum,” said Joanne & Rachel who live and work abroad. It’s a rare chance for them to have some pictures to remember their mum since they are away most of the time. We had a lot of fun! Laughed so loud that our neighbours tried to peer through our office to see what was going on.

Jessie, Joane, Rachel, family photos, portraits with mother

It is OK you are not looking into the camera.
It is OK you laugh so much that you don’t see your eyes.
It is OK to hug and kiss your mum though it’s not something you do everyday
It is OK to have too much fun that your hair and shirt is a little messed up…because

3 Responses to Bye bye boring portraits

  1. Julian

    My parents being the older generation tends to be rigid in taking photos similar to your old fashioned photographer and will stand like a mannequin. If a photographer can make them feel relaxed and as natural as they can be, then that photographer have nailed it…

  2. Louis

    Julian: People do it the traditional way because everyone is doing it that way. You should bring them to our studio this weekend!

  3. claudina

    Louis is great at putting people at ease. Bring them to our studio, you’ll find out!

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