The Hill of Hope

June 15th, 2012 | Personal

Our newly launched studio is a milestone to us. Six years ago, we started from our living room with one computer, one photographer-janitor-receptionist-dispatch-retoucher to a beautiful 1200-square-feet studio with a team of 7, dedicated shooting space, make-up room, consultation room and working space. We got here with a lot of help.

As we planned the new studio launch, we wanted to help others and give back to the community that have blessed & loved us so much. We didn’t know where to start.

A few telephone calls later, we got in touch with Mrs. Audra Kamijan. She’s daughter of Mama Anne (Keyworth), the woman who almost single-handedly built up the Bukit Harapan (literally means Hill of Hope) charity home. It’s a school for the mentally- and physically-disabled children. It’s a shelter for abandoned and abused mums and kids. It’s where 44 children call home. It’s where the children live with their Mummy Audra & Daddy Jerry.

We closed the studio one Saturday morning and all headed to Bukit Harapan to visit the home. Audra, her husband Jerry and 44 kids welcomed us. When we left that morning, we were awed by how three people can manage a home that provides food, shelter and most importantly, love, for 44 kids.

We decided to lend a hand to the Hill of Hope because there is nothing more important and powerful for these kids than hope.

During our two-day studio launch, we pledged to give RM100 for every portrait sign-ups we got. Happy to report to you that we are donating RM5,000 to Bukit Harapan. Thanks to the generosity of the 1,000 people who turned up at our studio for free portrait shoots over Mother’s Day weekend, the donation box was stuffed to the brim. That’s another RM2,286.10 raised.

Thank you everyone for joining us to support Bukit Harapan!

Louis returns box to Audra

LPS visits Bukit Harapan

3 Responses to The Hill of Hope

  1. Rayner Tangkui

    A good example to follow. Thanks for sharing Louis.

  2. Gillian

    Was looking for places that I could bring my mum together to serve in KK and was led to this page… Totally moved… WELL DONE, LP & team! Good and faithful servants! :*)

  3. claudina

    So happy we can help. May you & your mum be blessed for helping them.

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