Turning Night into Day

July 19th, 2012 | Photography Tips

Wedding photographers are generally a cursed lot. We never had enough time with our subjects. Delays, traffic jams, bad weather, last minute changes and very often, make-up artists (there I’ve said it), can take away previous time we allocated for photography. By the time everyone is ready, the golden hour is gone. What can we do?

Azzidyn was getting ready for his wedding at Bunga Raya Resort’s TreeHouse. While the TreeHouse is beautifully tucked inside a rainforest with an amazing view to boot, it also meant it had very little daylight during the day, and absolutely zero light by 6pm.

Turning night into day. Guerrilla Lighting by Louis Pang

It was 6:40pm when Azzidyn suit up and there was no daylight. The weak tungsten light inside the room was too flat and poor for photography. So I drew the sheer curtain and place a strobe outside the room to put light through the window. This turned a small light source into a much larger one. At ISO 400, f/1.6, 1/30, I could get reasonable amount of ambient light of the room, so we could see the background and the context at which the photograph was created.

Turning night into day. Guerrilla Lighting by Louis Pang

Turning night into day. Guerrilla Lighting by Louis Pang

A few weeks later, I did the same thing at Emma & Carl’s wedding reception at a different hotel. This series of pictures were taken around 6-6:30pm on a rainy and cloudy day. Again, we pump the light from the outside, into the room.

This is a simple solution that provides a good quality of light, with some directionality, into the scene. Movie makers do that all the time. I am just happy to take a leaf from their playbook.

6 Responses to Turning Night into Day

  1. kid chan

    Louis, Great job with Azzidyn’s portrait. Lovely and soft diffused lighting. You should be paid for sharing this awesome tip:)

  2. Natallia

    Bravo Loius! Great idea and photos!

  3. Josephine Lai

    Very nice portrait! Thank you Louis! This is what I always scratch my head for… But why I can’t get to 1.6?.. The most is 3.5. I’m using Canon EOS 50D..

  4. Louis

    Not sure what lens you are using. Not all lens can open as wide as f1.6. I was shooting with a 50mm.

  5. Josephine Lai

    Oic..learning learning! I’m using the 18-200mm. So, with what I’m having what I should do pro?

  6. Louis

    Josephine, if you want to be able to shoot at f1.6 then you will need a lens that can open that wide like 50mm 1.4 & 85mm 1.4.

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