The Superman Couple

August 1st, 2012 | Portraits

In February 2012, Louis Pang Photography set up a two-day photo booth at Suria Sabah shopping mall. We invited anyone and everyone to come in & have their photos taken for free. The studio did some quick editing magic over each photo & posted it up immediately on Facebook where everyone could download a digital copy for themselves.

These photos were also automatically qualified for the Facebook contest, “Who’s The Hottest”. We invited people to vote for their favourite and the winner of the contest would win an hour photo shoot in our studio & a RM500 product voucher.

742 people came for the photo shoot over the two days! From little girls who loved solo portraits to large families with three generations in tow to mountain-tall heaps of school children.

Amidst the laughing and the jeering (don’t push me, eh!), there was a quiet couple. Their names were Kamal & Ayu. They shyly stepped up onto the set and just followed Louis’ suggestions.

Two weeks after the exhibition, we wrapped up the Facebook contest. Winners of the contest? Kamal & Ayu. We’ve since renamed them the “Superman Couple”. Naming the winners was easy, coordinating our schedules to agree on a shoot date was tough! We had a quick chat with them when they finally came in for the photo shoot recently…

LPP : Hi, can you tell us a little about yourselves?
Ayu : I’m from Kota Kinabalu & am studying hospitality in Kota Kinabalu Polytechnic, Sepanggar. Graduating next year. I’m 19.
Kamal: I’m from Kota Kinabalu too and I’m a dancer with Bodycare Dance Studio. I’ll be going to SEGI College in Kuching, Sarawak, in August to pursue my diploma in law. It’s a 2-and-a-half year course.

LPP : Congratulations on winning the Facebook contest! Can you tell us about the Superman pendant?
Ayu : We were standing on the set. Louis saw it around my neck & asked if I can take it off. His staff dangled it in front of his camera. Then, Louis asked me and Kamal to hold hands & to look at one another.
Kamal: That photo is very unique, very striking.
Ayu : It’s Kamal’s favourite photo!

LPP : Is the pendant significant to you? To your relationship?
Kamal: I love superheroes and I gave that pendant to Ayu on our first date.
Ayu : Kamal loves Superman so to me, anything Superman reminds me of Kamal.

LPP : Kamal, you’re a dancer.
Kamal: Ya, 6 of my friends and I were in 8TV’s reality dance show, Showdown, in March last year. We went as far as the Meltdown, representing Sabah. Called ourselves “Zoopa Fresh”, a variation of Super Fresh. What kind of dance? Hip-hop, urban, modern mix.

LPP : You’re going to start school soon, is that the end of dancing for you?
Kamal: I’ve been dancing since I was in kindergarten. Since I joined Bodycare Dance Studio here, I’ve learnt so much. When I get to Kuching, I’ll keep in touch with dancers there that I met at Showdown. I won’t stop dancing.

This is the photo of Kamal & Ayu that won the Facebook contest. On February 28, 2012, we announced it the winner – with 1,723 votes garnered over 2 weeks!
Kamal & Ayu's Feb 2012 portrait by Louis Pang Photography

Kamal & Ayu leap for joy during their photo session in our studio recently!
Kamal & Ayu's portrait by Louis Pang Photography

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    Awesome jumping image, nice work. They look really happy.

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