Lawyers Gone Wild

September 18th, 2012 | Portraits

I thought lawyers only look hot in TV dramas like Law & Order or The Good Wife. That was true until a group of them from the Sabah Law Association (SLA) showed up at our studio a few weeks ago. The whole stereotype of lawyers being stuffy, rigid and dead serious was shattered in a few seconds when Nizam led his group into the studio.

This group of young turks were the organizing committee of the SLA annual dinner. As the official premier sponsor of the event, we were responsible for their official group photo. Oh boy, did we have fun or what.

Always love a challenge. Being the first time I met everyone, I had to figure out how to arrange, group and pose them. It wasn’t straight forward. You have to consider height, shapes, personalities and blend them together. Glad I didn’t group anyone who wanted to kill each other.

Technically, this is pretty straight forward. Main light almost right in front, just above eye level, about 45 degrees point down. Then two side lights from the back. With so much black in the frame, we need enough light from different directions to bring out the details and definition.

Sabah Law Association annual dinner organizing committee 2012, group photo by Louis Pang Studio

Check out a short behind-the-scene video. Lawyers turn your eyes away from the screen!

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  1. Paul

    Great work…I’d be interested to see how you composited these together please Louis.

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