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September 25th, 2012 | Engagements, Weddings

It is my great honor and pleasure to introduce to you two new photographers to our studio, Danny & Shen. In many ways they are not “new” at all…

Danny is a KL boy who fall in love to a Penang gal, Hooi Chai while they studied at University Malaysia Sabah. They got to know another Sabah lass, Li Yet who later married my brother Willie. So when they came to Sabah to attend Willie’s wedding and we met. Back then, Danny weighed 5kg less, a young engineer, crazy about photography, with lotsa spare time. Always a deadly combination. I had a spare Canon 580EX (another long story) that I sold to Danny at a cut rate price. Just thought it was nice to help an up and coming photographer fulfill his crave for better photography. Danny attended the first ever photography workshop I taught.

A geek and techno expert he is. Every time I meet Danny he would show me new cool apps for iPhone. From Intel to Motorola, Danny climbed the corporate ladder very quickly. Currently based in Motorola in Penang, he is working on some super duper, ultra secretive radio systems that he’ll get killed if he gave away any details. So I asked no further.

Every time I visited Penang, Danny and Hooi Chai would take me out for food. Yes, that’s the other thing Danny and I are crazy about. He introduced me to all the sinfully delicious food until our doctors banned us from Gurney Drive’s famous McTucky. They also brought us yummy durians. Some of them, air flown to Sabah. Jasmine and I are very blessed by their love and friendship. Danny assisted me in a lot of shoots in Penang and KL. His talents and ability were very evident to me as we worked together. I am also impressed he has a work rate and passion that matches his talents. No tasks were too small for him. There were too many shots I couldn’t have pulled off without his input and hard work.

I photographed Danny & Hooi Chai’s pre-wedding session as a gift to them. Little did I know then Danny would one day join the Louis Pang Photography family.

Weeks after I met Danny at my first workshop, I met Shen in my second workshop. A genuinely nice chap with a firm handshake grip, that was my first impression of him. He is a “hungry” photographer, a keen learner. I don’t know any photographers who spent more money and time learning photography. We stayed in touch via FB and SMSes. Being a Manchester United fan as well, Shen and I have A LOT in common. We cheered and consoled each other, depending on the Red Devil’s latest fate.

Shen’s best kept secrets in the photography circle is that he is an investment banker/regional manager of a large financial institution where he oversees millions changing hands everyday. It is a little known fact because he does not behave like a big shot with an ultra size ego. Whenever we meet for meals, he would ask about lenses, cameras, flashes, radio triggers, printing, fine art papers and retouching. And I would ask him where to put my pennies.

Shen has won a number of international awards, including 1st & 3rd place at WPPI. He is also a very keen print maker who never stop talking about colour management & fine art printing. To see such enthusiasm for photography when he does not need it for his livelihood, only tells me Shen is truly in love in photography and doing his best.

My recent conversations with Shen shifted to a new topic, his 16-month old daughter Faith. Shen’s eyes light up whenever he talks about Faith.

I am deeply honored to have two passionate and fine photographers joining our team. Does it mean I have less to do now? No way! In fact my responsibilities have grown. I have direct creative input into every wedding album we produce. I am also organizing ongoing training with Shen and Danny so we continue to grow technically and creatively.

Someone said, “If you want to go fast, you go alone. If you want to go far, you go together.”

Below: Shen with his girls, Faith (middle) & Alicia.
Shen Yeo's family portrait by Louis Pang Photography

Below: Louis’ pre-wedding portrait of Danny & Hooi Chai.
Danny & Hooi Chai's pre-wedding portrait by Louis Pang Photography

view Danny & Shen’s photos here

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