Adam Lindbichler, Sabah’s top young fencer

October 24th, 2012 | Portraits

Last month, the Malaysian government announced that they are allocating RM50 million for the Road to Rio programme to train their athletes for the 2016 Olympics. That’s two & a half time more than their “Road to London” programme! That got lots of Malaysian athletes very excited. Especially Adam Lindbichler.

You see, 21-year-old Adam followed every single Olympics 2012 fencing match closely in his home in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. He watched the fencers move, watched how they played. He noted, these guys are not using strength, they’re using strategy. Good strategy.

And Adam’s thinking, I WANT to be in Rio for the next Olympics.

In 2011, Adam Nicholas Lindbichler finished among the top 80 at the World Fencing Championship in Catania, Italy. That makes him… wow, one of the top 80 fencers in the world!

When he returned home, local papers ran an article entitled “Adam Makes Sabah Proud” and gushed, “The sabre fencer, who was making his debut in the competition, stamped his mark by outshining some of the more senior teammates with his feats.”

Back from that major win, Adam did not rest on his laurels. His day today begins with grueling training early every morning.

Early. Every. Morning. Very. Early. Every. Morning. (arrrgh)

He’s even more determined to go to the next Olympics now because when he was watching the fencers in the 2012 games, he was thinking, “I know those guys! I fenced with them in Italy. I should be there!”

But the road to the Olympics will not easy. Adam has to compete in as many competitions as he can. Each win will score him points. The players with the most points will be qualified to represent their country in the Olympics or any other international games.

So let’s support our local athletes. Don’t waste talent like Adam’s or any young persons out there. They need sponsors, their associations (Adam’s attached to the Sabah Fencing Association) need funding to send the athletes overseas for competitions, or to practise with foreign athletes on par or better than them. Adam’s mentor, local veteran coach and president of the Sabah Fencing Association, Mr. Alex Sham (contact number +6019-880 3338), said he believes Adam can go very far and supports Adam’s Olympics dream.

If we all work together, we’ll make one young man’s dream come true. And perhaps, one day, we’ll finally bring home that elusive Olympic gold medal…

p.s. We were so excited when Adam agreed to come in to do this fun shoot with us. He’s a great sport (oh joy! a pun!) and he’s really determined (…to slice that apple. And he did, perfectly sliced the fifth one. We had bought 24!). We can see why he’s ranked top 80th in the world.

Adam Lindbichler's portrait by Louis Pang Photography

Adam Lindbichler's portrait by Louis Pang Photography

Adam Lindbichler's portrait by Louis Pang Photography

Adam Lindbichler's portrait by Louis Pang Photography

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