Rest in peace, Miguel

January 22nd, 2013 | Personal, Photography Tips, Portraits, Weddings

As photographers, we meet so many people. I have a photographic memory. Faces that I’ve photographed rarely escape my mind, even then I don’t remember everyone. There are so many new faces at a wedding and the events of the day are usually hectic. We blaze through the day trying to expose, light, compose the best that we could while juggling with shutter speed, aperture and flash power plus a host of buttons and dials. When we finished the wedding, it would be midnight. We say our goodbyes and we head our separate ways. After a hot shower and backing up all the files, I would be snoring away. The next day is either a race to an airport to get home, or sleeping in to recuperate from the exhausting shoot. Another week and it’s another shoot to look forward to. The previous shoot fades quickly to the background. Live goes on for everyone, I assume.

A couple of weeks ago, Kristie whose wedding at Shangri-la Rasa Ria we photographed two years ago, wrote this email to us…

Happy new year from all of us.

a big thank you to Louis for capturing a much treasured image on my wedding day. My best friend and bridesmaid whom is a mother of three young boys lost her husband back in October and the photo Louis took was used at his funeral and was placed on his memorial card. Every one has commented time and time again on how beautiful the image is and how it truly captured him naturally. We cant thank Louis enough for this photo, it means more to us all, especially his family than you will ever know.

I hope you are all having a great start to 2013 and it continues to get better and better.


I was moved to tears when Jasmine read the email to us at our weekly staff meeting. I had no memory of photographing Miguel. I don’t remember the shutter speed, aperture and exposure value of the photo. Neither is it an award-winning material. Just a frame out of the hundreds of frames we photographed that day. Yet it is the frame Miguel’s family used for his funeral. The frame they felt best represents Miguel. To Katherine and the loved ones Miguel left behind, it is THE frame. What an honor. What a privilege to be entrusted to make a photograph for someone. What a great duty to do my job well.


Getting the focus spot on, exposing it well, nailing the timing…these are things I take for granted. You do it naturally everyday for ten years, you forget their significance. Yet Miguel’s loved ones remind me how important are the little things. We are all seduced by what’s grandiose & impressive and tempted to neglect the ordinary and mundane. “We can’t do great things in this life. We can only do little things with great love,” said Mother Teresa. How true and wise.

Rest in peace, Miguel.

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