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March 22nd, 2013 | Personal

When you lose something, drop a wallet, forget a package in a taxi, or in my case leave behind my beloved iPad in the front pocket of the passenger seat, you just don’t expect to see it again. The good old days of honesty and sincere customer service is as scarce as dinosaur sightings, so I thought.

Louis Pang's iPad

We were on our way to 36-hour journey to Washington DC. Woke up at 3:30am to start a marathon air travel that took us from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, LA and finally Washington DC. I only realized the iPad was missing when I boarded the Tokyo/LA-bound flight. It wasn’t the hardware that concerned me most but the personal info & Amazon shopping account. Imagine someone racking up thousands of dollars of shopping bill at Amazon! As I sat in my seat, I said a short prayer. It was outside of my control. I can let this ruin the rest of the trip or I surrender this to God and Malaysia Airlines crew.

Flight stewardess Nget Swee was like an angel to me. Calm, assuring and proactive she took down my details and contacted the ground staff at Narita Aiport, Tokyo so they could attend to me during the 90-minute layover. As I disembarked the aerobridge, an earnest Japanese MAS staff greeted me and attended to me. Ten minutes later, this gentleman informed me there had not been any sighting of an iPad. He filed a report on my behalf. I wasn’t optimistic.

When we arrived LAX 12 hours later, we followed up with Darryl Stripsky from MAS baggage service at LAX. “We have a good record of recovering lost items. Hopefully yours will turn up,” said Darryl. There was no guarantee of course. He made a follow up report immediately and within hours, he contacted me for more details of my flight itinerary and the details of my missing iPad. Two days later, MAS Lost & Found office at KLIA contacted me to drop by the office when I return from USA. They located a unit of iPad that fits my description.

Long story short, 17 days after I left behind the iPad in an aircraft, I was reunited with it. Once it was lost, now it is found. I kissed and hugged it.

I am so glad to be proven wrong with my skepticism and lack of faith in the decency of humanity. I am much quicker to judge and denounce than I am to praise and compliment. To all the doomsayers of our national airline, I have encountered only professionalism, care and kindness in this incident. Traditional values of honesty & integrity is well and alive in MAS. I only wish I could personally thank the airline’s security personnel who located the iPad and reported it to the Lost & Found.

Louis Pang's iPad

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  1. Sue Lynn

    OMG. I just read this! DO YOU KNOW we have the exact same ipad and ipad cover! ANDDDDD the exact same thing happened to me on the MAS flight back from London to KL on the 16th of March!

    Best part is I only realised i left it in the front pocket of the seat on the 18th. Had the same skepticism like you but to my surprise they found it and kept it safe!

    Zen, one of the bridesmaids just picked it up and returned it to me only on the wedding day, 23rd!

    What a coincidence!

    p.s. Anyone out of there who’s thinking of getting Louis as their photographer, don’t think twice. He is that good! :)

  2. CleverMunkey

    wow! i would have lost hope after losing it for so many days! thank God the people at MAS kept it at Lost & Found

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