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About Louis
People hire Louis Pang to shoot them. On the happiest day of their lives, he shoots them over one thousand times. Why, he’s shot people over 300,000 times! In countries spanning five continents.

And according to him, he’ll continue doing this for a very, very long time.

Louis Pang is passionate about wedding and portrait photography. He stumbled upon it working as a journalist in his hometown, Tawau, in Sabah, Malaysia. One thing led to another and the inevitable happened – he put the pen down and picked up the camera instead. That was in 2005.

Today, Louis Pang is a name synonymous with award-winning wedding and portrait photography throughout the world. He takes on an average of 40 wedding and even more family portrait engagements a year and has won more than ten prestigious photography awards.

He was the first Asian to win the Grand Award in the Portrait category at the Wedding and Portrait International (WPPI) annual convention in 2010. WPPI is the world’s largest wedding photography conference held annually in Las Vegas, United States of America.

Bill Hurter, editor of Rangefinder and AfterCapture magazines, explained Louis’ secret, “Louis is unusually adept at capturing the day’s emotion; whether it’s romance, joy, hilarity, or just plain fun.”

“He is an empathetic spirit who is also capable of producing elevated visual statements to portray his subjects. He adds drama to the images by capitalising on natural elements such as rich skies or dramatic lighting or very low light, like candlelight. His images have the touch of a graphic designer – clean, edgy and graphically pleasing to the eye,” Hurter continued.

“Yet, he is a wonderful ‘fly on the wall’, capable of capturing these emotion-filled moments unseen and unnoticed by participants, which makes a great wedding photographer. Joe Buissink has this gift as does Marcus Bell, two of the finest wedding photographers I know. Louis has it too,” he added.

Eleven international awards later, Louis is determined not to rest on his laurels, “I need to constantly reinvent myself, learn new techniques, break new ground, and not allow setbacks to stop me.”

This History and Writing graduate from the University of Toronto, Canada, thrives on the challenge of working in different environment and cultures and enjoys the fun of meeting whomever his work brings to him.

His current passion? Group portrait photography, because National Geographic had said, “Group portraits are hard to do well, and the larger the group, the harder they are. It’s not easy to get a good, telling photograph of one person, and the problems are compounded exponentially with groups. We have all had the experience of trying to get the family or the ball team to pose for a picture.”

What a great challenge, he gushed!

Louis Pang's profile
photo by David Burnett

About Danny
Photography enthusiast Danny Chew is the kind of guy who bounces out of bed at 5:30 in the morning to shoot a wedding till midnight and then, goes to bed with a wide grin on his face.

Born in Kuala Lumpur and currently staying in Penang, Danny works in the research and development department of a multinational electronics corporation on weekdays. On weekends, he turns to the camera because he finds it is a creative outlet that allows him to express himself freely, “Wedding photography gives me a ‘happy kind of stress’.” The party, the guests, the couple, the elements…. all give him a thrill and a shiver as he runs around the scene, capturing every moment of the day.

“I used to play around with my dad’s old Canon film SLR when I was little. Guess I was enamoured with the possibility of freezing a moment in time from then on,” Danny mused. He explored different genres before settling for wedding photography, “The first time I shot a wedding in 2006, I thought to myself, wow! this is what I really like. I like how I get the brides’ and grooms’ instant feedback when they look through the wedding photos for the first time. That’s really rewarding.”

To further develop this interest, Danny enrolled in Louis Pang’s workshop in Penang in 2008. Since then, he has been an avid follower, fan and friend of the renowned wedding and portrait photographer. He continues photographing weddings throughout the country. “To me, wedding photography is my serious hobby,” Danny said. But oh, what a fun serious hobby! The games bridesmaids play on groomsmen… Lots of Danny’s albums have photos of people laughing, people having fun, people in action. Quite like himself: fun and energetic.

But there are serious moments, moments that Danny feels are most meaningful at weddings, “For just a fraction of a second, just as the bride enters the car with the groom, leaving her parents’ house, she’s overwhelmed with sadness.” Then, there are other details Danny insists on capturing: family heirloom like veils and tea sets, the wedding gown, the groom’s suit & cuff links, the wedding rings, shoes…. items that are meaningful to the bridal party.

It’s easy to tell Danny thoroughly enjoys his “serious hobby”, one can see that he’s passionate through his photos. Louis often calls on him to help with wedding photography and workshops around the country.

Danny is confident he’ll be a wedding photographer for a long, long time more, “I think photography is a passion that you can enjoy for life. There are so many ways to take photographs these days: from the classic SLR to the modern smartphone, there’s just no way to avoid it :) My main drive is to create photos that people would enjoy looking at, especially if it’s a special moment.”

Danny Chew's profile by Louis Pang Photography

About Shen
Perhaps what makes Shen Yeo such a great photographer is his respect for every wedding, every bride and every groom. When pressed for an answer for the most inspirational wedding he’s ever been a part of, Shen couldn’t give an answer. “Don’t know why I can’t think of a particular wedding that’s particularly memorable,” he laughed. “Maybe because, after every wedding, I feel they are different from the others? I think each wedding is unique in its own way.”

Shen isn’t a full-time photographer though. Every weekday morning, Shen Yeo heads the regional office of a financial institution in Kuching, Sarawak, where billions of ringgit exchange hands annually. “To de-stress”, Shen said he picks up the camera and shoots beautiful images of brides, people, travel destinations and his new baby daughter, Faith.

First time Shen picked up a camera, he was 14. It was a Kodak, a point-and-shoot from his dad. Several years later, he started blogging and used pictures he took with his camera phone, “But then, I thought it would be even better if I had a DSLR. So I bought the newly launched Nikon D40X in 2007. After that, I was hooked!”

Shen stumbled upon internationally renowned wedding & portrait photographer Louis Pang when his wife was researching for wedding photographers for their own nuptials several years ago. They found out that Louis was conducting a workshop in Kuala Lumpur and she encouraged him to enroll. After the workshop, Shen took his hobby to new heights, taking on as many jobs as he could – weddings, portraits. “I like shooting,” Shen stated simply. A collection of his works can be found on his personal blog, www.shensnaps.com.

Shen’s passion for photography and his artistic flair has not gone unnoticed. He has won several international photography awards:
• 1st Place, Wedding & Portrait Photography International’s (WPPI) “Wedding Photojournalism” category, 2009,
• 3rdPlace, WPPI “Wedding Details” category, 2009
• 2nd Place, International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers’ (ISPWP) “Framing The Subject” category, 2011,
• 4th Place, ISPWP “Bride Portrait” category, 2011,
• 8th Place, ISPWP “All About Light” category, 2011 and
• two Silver Awards, and a finalist in Creative Asia’s “Street and Travel” category, 2012.

Louis often invites Shen to assist him in his photo shoots and workshops around the country.

Shen is looking forward to a great future, “I want to continue to grow and improve my photography skill. I believe in taking not just beautiful pictures, but timeless and meaningful ones that have a story to tell. Meaningful pictures will last, and be remembered. I feel proud when I create pictures that tell clients’ stories because these will be remembered for life.”

Shen Yeo's profile by Louis Pang Photography

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