Clients that love Us

Marilyn & Simon, Kuala Lumpur
The pre-wedding photographs are excellent – we certainly had a lot of fun (and distraction from the hectic nature of that week) having them taken and feeling good and looking good. 
If you’d asked me beforehand if someone could look so good in Wellington Boots, then I would have surely laughed. It is also nice to have captured different aspects in the beauty of Sabah, alongside the ambition and success in making us look good, and those will be fond memories of those two days that we will cherish for a long, long time.

Gunjan & Chirag, London
Louis, Louis, Louis!!! We have turned the lights down low, turned up the volume and watched this slideshow almost 10 times now, each time we notice a different part of your genius at work!!! We are truly in love with what you have created!!! We felt like we were back in Rajasthan again…..Thank you so much!
With love, always Gunjan and Chirag :D

Michelle & Ernest, Hong Kong
We’re speechless! You’ve made us look really good. I am amazed at how you managed to capture all the monments throughout the day!

Thanks so much for being part of our wedding throughout the whole year, we are so glad that Aileen introduced us to you!

Once again…thank you for everything. You are extremely talented.

Cathie & Andrew, Toronto
Thank you from me & Andrew for the wonderful photography! I’ve never seen Andrew smile that much in pictures. Haha.

I’ve gotten great feedback from my friends. They were impressed that you were able to – and i quote- “capture the moments”…” very professional.” A colleague says you should come and set up shop in Toronto :)

I’ve been telling people the 2 things I was most particular about when planning the wedding were my dress & the photography. And I must say I don’t regret the decisions we made on both one bit.

Joni & Kevin, Hong Kong
Amazing pictures! Joni and I just spent the last 2 hours looking at them online.

You have somehow managed to capture the emotions of the day so well. I can’t wait to get our “Love Storybook”. It is something we will treasure forever. We truly enjoyed having you as our wedding photographer. Thank you again. You are so full of passion and energy…is work supposed to be that much fun?!

I thought you should know – we have received so many nice compliments on the photography. Especially from our friends and cousins who were unable to attend. They have all said they are now even more sorry that they missed the wedding.

I’ve praised your work and your fun and energetic personality to many friends. I’ve told them how cool the Love Storybook is.

Everybody loves you man!

Amanda & Desmond, Brisbane
I am so delighted with the photos that you took for our wedding and so is Des. When I saw the pictures I was thrilled at how artistic they looked and how well he caught each moment. They are perfect photos to help preserve the memory of a perfect day.

You are a pleasure to work with. You are fun, friendly, professional, creative, hardworking, have good ideas and aren’t bossy or intrusive. The whole day was such fun, including the photo shoot after the ceremony. The atmosphere was romantic and playful!

I am so lucky that you weren’t booked up on the day. We have gotten so many compliments on the photos and comments on the quality of the shots and how skilled our photographer is! Many of my married friends have said they wish their wedding photos were as good as mine. You are one of the best photographers; and that’s comparing to works that I’ve seen both here in Brisbane and in Sabah. Thank you so much Louis, you did an awesome job!

Lai Kuan & Chee How, Penang
Hi Louis, it’s “Yesterday Once More”. I think the title of this song by the Carpenters aptly describes our feelings when we look at the picures :o ). It seems like it was just yesterday that we got married. The joy and laughter .. and how can I forget, the stilettos heels, it’s all coming back to us now.

You’ve transformed of what seem like ‘mundane’ corners of this city, into something really meaningful and charming in your shots. Vivid and lively too! Great job Louis! We’re sure many years down the road, as we flip the pages of the Love Storybook, we’ll be able to reminisce “THE DAY”. Oh yes, the looks on our parents face, the ear to ear grin, simply priceless!