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It’s pretty hectic here in the studio. Photography takes me away from home four to five months a year. Still, I am committed to teaching because it is the ONLY way forward in photography. I have my teachers and mentors to thank for the success the studio enjoys. Today, I share to help others open a new door or find new possibilities in their photography–just as many have done the same for me. I’m a featured speaker & print judge at Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) annual convention at Las Vegas. Spoken and taught regularly around Asia as well. Here are some of the workshops I am teaching in the coming months. I’d be honored if I could meet you in one of them.

Guerrilla Lighting Workshop 2011 by Louis Pang

Guerrilla Lighting Workshop with Louis Pang
August 12-13 | Kota Kinabalu RM1500 (early bird before 6 July RM1200) REGISTER NOW
September 16-17 | Kuala Lumpur RM1800 (early bird before 20 July RM1500) REGISTER NOW
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These two-day workshops are all about TTL speedlights and how to get BIG results from these tiny lights. Louis talks about using off-camera flash, constructing a picture from one flash to multi flashes. Balancing flash with ambient light, using gels, high-speed sync, using an array of light modifiers. Most of all, it is Guerrilla style where you get impressive results with inexpensive, small and mobile tools. The participants will be given assignments with a model where they shoot in small groups of 3-4 to forge theories into a photograph. Eighty percent of this workshop is hands-on. Roll up your sleeve and get your hands dirty.

Here is what participants of my workshop said about me as a trainer:

Jenny Lehman, USA (22-time speaker of WEVA convention)
Congratulations on your win at WPPI. I attended your Guerrilla Lighting seminar and it was OUTSTANDING!  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and skill. You totally rock. I would highly recommend your Guerilla Lighting seminar training to every photographer wanting to learn more about lighting, and posing. I attended 4 lighting seminars at WPPI and yours was the best.

I am a regular speaker at video conventions for the past 20 years and always look for suggestions and specific input on what I did well and what I can do to improve. I can’t honestly make a single suggestion to you as it was so fantastic. But I will share some of the things you did that really impressed me and loved about your seminar. First of all, I absolutely LOVED your introduction! It was so cute. I loved the geography lesson as I love geography and it’s true that much of America is terrible on geography. The baby photos were the best. I want to steal your introduction for myself but it’s too late for me to be from Malaysia and Cincinnati, Ohio isn’t that interesting.

I was especially impressed with your sense of humor and shocked how acquainted you were with our humor and expressions that I wouldn’t expend from someone outside the USA.

You had no ego and where others started their seminars bragging about themselves by showing work and their accomplishments, you started with sharing about you and your fun and enthusiastic personality really shined through and made you lovable from the start and your seminar extremely valuable and enjoyable.

Claire Hudson, USA
I flew from Philadelphia to Seattle last February to be a part of your Shoot Like a Pro Workshop. I was the first to arrive, the youngest there, and scared stiff. I don’t know if you remember me, but I remember everything about that workshop.

I wanted to thank you for your help; with your instruction I have grown as a photographer and feel like the sky is the limit to how much more I can achieve. Your photography is amazing; I was wowed during your seminar at WPPI 2010, then again in Seattle, and am still wowed to this very day.

I realize that this email is much overdue (nearly a year overdue, actually), but it has taken this long for me to fully absorb how helpful that workshop was. You are inspiring, Mr Pang, and I hope one day to be as amazing. If you ever need a Voice Activated Light Stand, please let me know; I would love to see you in action!

Silvia Musto-Barvitius, Switzerland
I wanted to say a few words on thursday evening to all of you but after seeing that your video I became so emotional and maybe could not say a word without having a few tears in my eyes……. you all deserved tribute after these days! Sorry for doing it by email but it comes truly from my heart!

It was a real challenge for me to attend the fusion workshop in London. I struggled with myself sometimes, was afraid that i could not follow. My brain worked double: English/German…. The technical stuff was here and there to much for me because i am at the beginning of this, photography-journey.

Life is a never-ending learning process like photography and i am very glad now that i attended this workshop. Thank’s a lot Adam that you have encouraged me to come. I’m very thankful that you have all invested so much time. Every part of the workshop had been so interesting! My fingers could not write fast enough. You guys have so much passion for what you do and a so inspiring. You are so good in lighting, posing, business – just amazing, as if it was your second nature.

You have my full respect and i’m happy that we met. Thanks again for teaching. You guys rock!

Hope we see us soon again – miss you all and the time we had together. Hope u like the swiss chocolate :)

Daniel Palacios, USA
I wanted to first give you our sincerest gratitude for the nice stage demo and information you shared with us at this year’s WPPI. Me and my wife found it full of useful info and it helped us to shake off some doubts about lighting, your portfolio was wonderfully inspiring and we loved its cinematic soul.

Ammy Lam, UK
Thank you for spending the time talking us through and showing us how you would set up each shot. For someone who is not that technically sound, your step by step approach on how to create that perfect shot was easy to understand. It was reassuring to see that even expert photographers like yourself may not get it right the first time and a sign of a good photographer is when they remain calm and work out a solution. When it was finally our turn to put what we’d learnt over the first three days to the test, I must admit I was a little nervous but was so excited! The 4 x 1hr sessions with the small groups and the models were incredibly valuable and probably the most useful part of the workshop. Each photographer having only 15minutes at a time to choose the location and pose the model, meant that it simulated real life situations; where we’re often under pressure for time and ideas.

As daunting as it was submitting the 4 images for critique on day 1 of the workshop, it was very educational. I appreciate the honest and constructive feedback. Submitting another 4 images for critique at the end of the workshop from the model shoot was such a good idea. It was amazing to see how much each student had improved over such a short period of time.

I appreciate your attention to detail – you gave me little pointers on simple things like how best to hold your camera (especially with a heavy 70-200mm lens attached) to give maximum steadiness and avoid body aches and pains, breathing techniques etc… most teachers would not necessarily have paid that much attention to such detail.
For someone who is relatively new to wedding photography, attending workshops like this infuses years of knowledge or perhaps knowledge I would not have gained at all if I hadn’t subscribed to the workshop.

Louis, you are a great teacher, photographer and a true inspiration. Keep up your good work!

ShenHan Yeo, Malaysia
It is a great opportunity to have met you in person, and to learn many things. You are extraordinary not only because of your photography skills, but in dealing with people too. I still remember the first handshake on Friday and you gave me the very first impression. You are such a humble and easy going man. That has set you apart from other photographers. That was my very first lesson.

Mark Leo, Malaysia
I have been to many workshops before and no one has ever shared that much as you have. It is easy to sense when a trainer teaches you for the sake of teaching and a trainer who teaches you for the sake of making that person soar to great heights. You, my friend, fall into the latter category.

I was talking to Kenneth…we know that if we achieve greater things, you would be proud of us while other trainers will be jealous of us. That is what makes your workshops so truly special and unique!